Objectives & Purpose


Stamp Registration
  • Through the certified selling of the stamps raise higher funds for the State and to make the facility to pay the stamp duty available.
  • Determine the appropriate stamp duty and as per the existing market value prepare the jantri of the rates.
  • The Registration of the property documents and the records of the property and the transaction records are modernized and maintained and supply the certified records and serve the public.


Stamp Registration
  • In the interest of the State income strict implementation of the Stamp Act. Examine the authenticity of the stamps used.
  • Verify whether the market value of the property is proper or not.
  • Prepare the jantri rates of the immovable properties.
  • Make arrangements for easy payment of the stamp duty.
  • Refund for the spoiled and unused stamps.
  • Make arrangement of the non-postal stamps distribution. Withhold the illegal documents and to make amendments in law for the convenient administration for the public.
  • Registration of documents and permanent maintenance of the records.
  • Supply the information regarding the value of the property
  • Control over the illegal use of the documents.
  • Take action for withholding the illegal documents.

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