Stamp vending agents [Licensed stamp vendors]

(1) With the bonafide intentions that the public in the State should get the stamp in sufficient proportion thus the State Government has appointed the Stamp Vendors other then at the Stamp Vending Centers in the District / Taluka head quarters as per the requirement.

(2) The appointment of such stamp vendors is made as per the existing rules and regulations by the government and taking into consideration the requirements through the concerned District Collector and Taluka Prant Officer.

(3) Such stamp vendors have to sell the stamp, as per the rules and regulations prescribed by the government and subject to the changes made.

(4) Such stamp vendors have to obtain the stamp as per the demand statement from the District / Taluka Treasury office.

(5) The value of the stamp obtained from the Treasury Office will have to be paid by the Stamp Vendor after deducting the commission entitled as per the rules by way of challan.

(6) with regard to the sale of the stamp made by the stamp vendors the accounts will have to be maintained in specified form and submit to the licensing authority every month.

(7) Each stamp vendor will have to renew the license issued to him every year that is on 1st April, that is the stamp vending license is for the concerned year only.

In the ahmedabad city in different areas the stamps are sold by authorized stamp vendors. the number of license holder stamp vendors as on 31/01/2019 is 49.

In the other Districts from the State the District Treasury Office and Taluka Sub-Treasury the stamp papers as per the requirements and adhesive stamp papers are available. Moreover, the stamp papers can also be available from the licensed stamp vendors authorize by the District Collector.

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